If you learned you could help people dramatically improve their quality of life and advance your financial freedom at the same time, wouldn't you leap at the chance?
Positive Changes is North America's leading network of hypnosis centers. We use a powerful combination of personalized coaching and hypnosis to help thousands of people lose weight, quit smoking, manage pain, reduce stress, accelerate learning and much more.


Who We Are

Positive Changes Hypnosis was founded 30 years ago to bring a simple, direct, natural and powerful fresh start to anyone who grasped the opportunity. There is explosive consumer demand for wellness services, but many areas such as massage, fitness, and supplement retailing are saturated. We are the only franchise of hypnosis centers in North America. We have no direct competition.


The Opportunity

Hypnosis is among the most studied interventions in Neuroscience and is
an unequaled tool to create change in life.
Our service appeals to a broad demographic. Our position in an increasingly talked about space of mindfulness, along with our proven business model, and revenue potential make us an opportunity for discerning franchise owners who have a passion for caring for people.

Right Candidate

Our franchise owners are passionate about owning a business that helps promote
healthy lifestyles and personal well-being.


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